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10-11-2013, 06:15 PM
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The best is when they stand behind the net, then try and long pass up the ice, which as worked once, and that was when Gaborik scored a beautiful goal.

Lets not complain about dumping the puck, because Stepan is turning it over by not choosing to dump the puck.

Hank is never going to be Hank when the team quits on him before he has a chance to make saves he should be making. The score is getting out of hand because he's not standing on his head for every shot that comes his way. He's never going to get in the groove with this team playing like this. Henrik was never great with shaking goals off. He always had a confidence problem because he spends too much time thinking about the goal he gave up, his fault or not.

AV had a lot of success in Vancouver, but he also had more offensively skilled players, who were capable of making 3 quick tic-tac passes to get out of the zone and create a breakout. I really don't think he did much as a coach there. Rangers clearly don't have the IQ needed here.

Players need to start shooting wide on purpose. If you can't get a shot through, don't take it. I'm looking at you Del Zotto.

Funny that Staal looked good until they put him back with Girardi, who has been clueless on where to be.

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