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10-11-2013, 09:55 PM
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Miller does all the little things great.

Johnson scored from Syvret and Kristo, though I think Kreider re-directed it. The scorer may change, stay tuned... UPDATE: The goal was indeed given to Kreider. Johnson and Syvret with assists.

MCI took a penalty in his own zone. Phantoms score from the blue line, as Talbot was screened.

Syvret is very visible tonight.

Kantor with a nice forecheck taking away the puck on the opposing blue line creating a good chance, but his shot missed the net. He's a good bottom-6 checking player at the AHL level.

Mash with a terrible, terrible turnover in front of Talbot and it goes in. Down 2-1.

Johnson is a very, very good defenseman.

Short fight, but Mash almost killed Alt.

Big shot by MCI, but it missed the net. He's looking good tonight.

Couple minutes later: great play my MCI. Skated well with the puck, put himself in position to create a scoring chance and fired another nice shot.

Big glove save by Talbot on a hard slap shot from between the hash marks.

I don't understand how Dupont was regarded as a guy with a chance to crack the NHL. He's a regular AHL 4th liner. Not a bad player, not nowhere near the NHL.


Phantoms are dominating, but Talbot came up big several times, including making a great glove save on a slap shot from a couple of feet away from the crease.

Bickel, who's very good at this level, kicked the crap out of Fitzgerald. He landed 7 straight shots on Fitzy, driving him to his knees.

GOAL: Bullet shot by Straka right under the cross bar and the Pack are down 3-1.

Straka penalty. Pack repeatedly unable to set up.

Kristo looking decent, but definitely not NHL-ready.

GOAL: Kristo wins the puck against two people behind the net and sends it to Big Mac who was a few feet above the hash marks. He fired a very good wrister as Lindberg jumped in front of the Phantom goalie. 3-2.

McIlrath is tied for the Pack lead in goal scoring

McIlrath, among others, fighting. Fourth fight of the game between the two teams. This game has the feel of a Rangers-Flyers game in the 1970s.

Miller stickhandles a little too much. He shouldn't stop doing it, but he needs to stop trying to be Brian Leetch.

Haley intercepts the puck, shoots, but misses the net.

Lindberg is better on defense than offense.

Talbot makes multiple good saves on a PK.

Phantom penalty with 52 seconds to go.


1:08 of PP for the Pack to start the period. Killed off.

GOAL: Bickel along the blue line to Allen who shoots, redirected by Miller. 3-3 with 18 minutes to go. First pro point for Allen.

Phantoms score above Talbot's glove again.

Another fight, this one involving Haley.

Talbot stops a semi-breakaway.

Yogan called for a late hit.

Big Mac with another good wrister, but no dice this time.

If MCI keeps playing like this, he might wind up in the NHL some time this year.

Yogan drives down the left side, sends the puck to Mash who hits the cross bar.

Good forecheck by O'Donnell forced a Phantom into a penalty with 5:35 to go.

Kristo scores on the PP on a terrific wrister. Syvret and Lindberg with assists.

With this goal, Kristo caught up with the team's sharp shooter Dlyan McIlrath in goals

Big defensive play by Bickel.

Powe created offense, but it didn't go in.

MCI with a big hit.

Lindberg stickhandled well and almost scored with 1:40 to go.


McIlrath again has trouble with the puck.

Syvret with a great move, undressed the defenseman Cousins, shot the puck and the Phantom goalie Denis looked back, but unfortunately it didn't go in.

Big Mac hit.

Miller forecheck results in a turnover and some good opportunities for the Pack.

Powe centers the puck, but Haley couldn't reach it. Almost.

Bickel with a terrible drop pass with 12 seconds to go results in a good shot on Talbot from a few feet out, but he stops it.


Lindberg: low backhand shot stopped.
Talbot forced to go right, and the shooter goes left and scores.
Kristo: coming up with speed, snaps it and scores.
Shooter tries to open Talbot's legs, but no go.
Miller: glides patiently, makes a couple nice moves and scores.
Talbot barely stops the puck, but he does stop it.
Syvret: coming up with speed, snaps it like Kristo, but couldn't score.
Straka tries to take it to the right, but Talbot slides and stops it.
Kreider: skates quickly, shoots, pad save.
Shooter tries to go to the left of Talbot, but he stops it.

Pack wins! 5 out of 6 points so far this season.

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