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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
He , Brayden, and Hartnell worked out all summer long with weber. Something the schenns do every summer.
Yes and their workouts are essentially Strong Man workouts. They aren't hockey workouts. Remember the year we got L. Schenn and everyone was calling him fatty and commenting how slow he was? How little ice time he was getting cause he had no stamina? In the offseason he, with Weber, tried putting on tons of muscle. Schenn tried to bulk up too fast, ended up totally immobilizing himself. Everyone was taking pot shots at his new weight, something like 20lbs heavier. He wasn't fat, he was bulked, like a professional weight lifter.

At the time I made reference to Tyson post prison - in prison he put on tons of muscle mass and weight, took him years to actually get like 1/4 of his prime speed and dexterity back because all of his muscle memory and and everything was entirely shot. It is entirely plausible Schenn did the same exact thing AGAIN this year and is sluggish now. Dude can probably bench a car from the Weber Man of Iron Resort, but it's gonna affect his game.

They mentioned Hartnell losing tons of body fat. Something insane like 7% less than what his normal conditioning shape is? That's ridiculous. That's proof again Weber's little resort work out isn't some hockey squad, it's full blown professional body building camp. It works for Weber, but I think some of these other guys are maybe doing the wrong thing there. Like it is going to their head, as it definitely a psychological thing- Keep adding more and more and more weight, give me more and more protein... more weights now! Soon enough you have entirely different body that you have never controlled before. Its not a secret Tiger Woods' swing changed when he started doing Olympic dynamic lifts with Navy SEAL training squads. He no longer knew how to work his body.

Is it happening again with Luke? It definitely did the one year. Maybe Schenn just really likes body building.

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