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Originally Posted by syz View Post
You'd take Acton over Belanger and Gazdic over Petrell?
I would. Never got why Petrell was even here except to help us lose games. Why bring over a guy from Europe that does really nothing to improve the team? The AHL is littered with no-hopers like that. Petrell had three fights (his biggest win coming over that known enforcer Keith Yandle) and seven goals in ninety five games as an Oiler. I doubt Gazdic scores seven goals, but he won't stand around and do nothing while punks run around. MacT clearly like toughness in his lineup, so no matter what you or I say there's going to be a four minute guy on the bench. Given that, Gazdic is a giant upgrade on Smac. Retire already Smac.

And Acton ... meh. He's been no worse than Lander or MPS were for long stretches. One thing for sure, Acton is going to get his bell rung for him pretty soon if he keeps playing like he's NHL tough, but at least he looks like he's trying. Belanger was like a skating zombie here. He was one of the worst players on this team for his entire 100+ games in Edmonton. Four goals and nineteen points in 104 games ... and a void of suck that just destroyed the game of anyone unfortunate enough to be on the ice with him.

So yeah, for me Gazdic and Acton > Belanger and Petrell.

Originally Posted by tiger_80 View Post
Gazdic is an excellent 4th liner and I would take Acton over Belanger. I'd take Petrell over Brown.

Gazdic-Acton-Petrell could be a pretty good 4th line, IMO.
Yeah, this too.

And as for Eakins .... I barely follow the AHL so I know nothing about him. Well, four games.
I'm not going to say anything based on four games.

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