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01-17-2004, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by paxtang
This is where it came off like you had a problem with the way he played.

Also, I never said you said he hit Sundin dirty.

And they also play again in March, so you are incorrect about that as well.
You clearly implied that I was saying he hit Sundin dirty when you said that the only questionable hit was on Roberts.

Anyway, it's common sense. If you're shadowing a star like Sundin all night and holding him up during the play and doing everything you can to get under his skin you've got to be prepared to throw them because the enforcers job is simple in the fact "Protect the star" and in last nights case Domi turned away as he does he has done a lot for the past two season but Roberts said it was enough and went after him and he didn't stand up when the time came. It's the "code" of the NHL as so many players like to put it.

If they do infact play further into the season we'll see if he decides to stand up then which I find doubtful but I'm clearly wrong about this being the last game if they do infact play.

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