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10-12-2013, 01:40 AM
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I think at some point they're going to get it together and start playing like we hope they will. It's not like we don't have skilled players, the problem is that they're just playing poorly right now. Maybe all it takes is one really solid win over a good team to snap them out of it and gain some confidence.

Luckily they're being given a bit of room for error as far as our division is concerned. Tonight every division rival that was playing lost, including the Pens to the Panthers. Obviously if they don't start playing right soon it won't matter but lets just say best case scenario they start getting it together against the Red Wings, then they're right back in it.

Obviously I'm on the more optimistic side but I really feel like it's only a matter of time before everything works itself out, there's no way this will continue all season.

Also, maybe Lecavelier and Hartnell getting injured could have an upside. Hopefully one of the call-ups looks pretty good and then stay on as a 3rd line player to play with Couturier and Read so Talbot can get back on the 4th line like he belongs. Then with Talbot on the 4th line we can finally get rid of Rosehill. Maybe the young guys getting called up could serve as some kind of spark for the rest of the team.

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