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Originally Posted by stratedge View Post
This far in, I'm done with questioning the coaches. The players themselves, the ones who are supposed to be superstars, are starting to worry me.
I think this as well. The coaching carousel has to stop at some point. I wonder at a certain point if guys like Hall, Eberle and Justin Schultz are even coachable. And if they don't listen other guys wonder "Why do I have to listen?" No matter who the coach is or what gets drawn up those three guys just seem to go out there and do whatever the hell they want. Sometimes it's pretty but a lot of times it's a disaster. They make the same mistakes over and over again and teams just sit there waiting for it. Hall and Eberle have no excuse. This is their 4th year and they still make some of the same stupid mistakes they made as rookies.

But I need more time for Eakins and the Oilers this year. They seem to be playing better but arent winning games. Theyve lost the goaltending battle every game even including the Jersey game arguably and Eakins cant do anything about that.

I like him leaning on his horses and some of his systems play but i dont know why you roll the same lines out in preseason then jumble them when the season starts. But if there's more jumbling to be had id like to see yak on the top line and eberle back with perron. If yak cant get hot with hall and nuge then it might be time for the pressbox. He needs to get Yak going, he's getting worse with each passing game and looks legitmately bad out there.

The culture is so broken here, they've lost for so long they've forgotten how to win. No matter what players come here, they instantly turn into composureless losers once they put on the Oil Drop. Prototypical bad team with different guys playing good or bad on different nights and never consistently getting everyone on the same page. Then at the first sign of adversity they just throw the system out the window, get nervous and start playing like idiots, not being able to make the simplest play. Maybe there's too much pressure to turn it around here. For the young players, the vets, the coach, the organization, for everyone. They just need to relax and play smart, some confidence would help too.

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