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Originally Posted by sabresandcanucks View Post
I think McDavid is going to be great....but I also think the hype machine is going to make him out to be better than he actually is. In fact, I bet as we get closer to the 2015 draft his stock will fall somewhat, much like Tavares when he was drafted and Hall prior to his draft...the year before each was drafted there was talk that some scouts would have taken each 1st overall had they been available.

Note, I am not saying McDavid is a bust or will not be a superstar in the league...only pointing out the hype machine and how it tends to blow peoples opinions out of proportion...often at the expense of other players like Reinhart given the recent chatter on this forum.
Unlike either Hall or Tavares, McDavid really has no discernible flaws.
His skating is elite, unlike Tavares, and he is not reckless to a fault like Hall, plus his hockey sense is better and he plays the most preferable position.
At 15, size and strength was an issue, but he's grown about three inches and put on twenty pounds in the last year.
I would not be surprised if he plays at 6'1 or 6'2 and over 200 pounds like his brother.

And if anything, Reinhart has been overrated lately in my opinion, especially when things are said like "he will not be far off from McDavid".
He's RNH without the great skating and agility, which is a huge part of RNH's game.
The fact that people seem to like to label RNH as a poor first overall pick and then turn around and say that Reinhart will be one is funny to me.
He's a fine player, but he just doesn't have the star power you look for in a first overall pick.

Originally Posted by couture23 View Post
Bring on 2015.
2015 is looking to be very, very good at this point.
A number of players have gotten off to great starts in major junior, the NTDP group has a bunch of talent, and there looks to be some great Europeans too.

Keep a look out for my boy Mitch Marner, who has stepped into a loaded London team, played minimal minutes, and has already been able to consistently produce.
With his skill set and the way he's been growing (4'8'' 90 lbs to 5'10'' 164 in the last two years), I see him as tied for second with Dylan Strome in terms of potential among Ontario 1997 forwards, behind only a certain someone named McDavid.

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