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Originally Posted by mrjimmyg89 View Post
There is no need to tear it down right now. 4 games in and people talk rebuild it? There are THREE things that should help fix this mess right now.

1. Patience: Nash is now hurt. No Hagelin yet. Cally just came back. Stepan has played 4 games, not 100% ready for games yet and is a slight step behind. We are right now playing one of Pyatt or Boyle in the top 6. That will not continue. I think right now, we need to remain patient and try and battle through this. I think we start seeing changes after tomorrow.

2. The Kids. They are nearly ready. Kreider looks good. So does Miller. Kristo got cut early and his play in the AHL shows a guy that is angry at that. Lindberg has been solid. Hrivik has not, but that's fine as the others look to be there. I honestly feel AV is feeling out some players, (Pyatt, Boyle, Dorsett, Moore, Asham) to see if they are capable of playing the system. The training camp was not enough to see them. Also, they stayed to get an extra look IMO. You can demote the kids and call the back up if the vets are not able. You start with the kids and there is no return as you may lose the vets to waivers.

I feel AV respects the vets and wants to give them a chance to prove themselves. It is not working right now.

3. Time. An adjustment was going to take place and nobody thought this would be happening, but I think everything is snowballing on this. 4 games is nothing compared to the entire season. We have 1-3 stretch in games 45-49 and get blown out and there is nothing like this going on. Take it in stride as a fan. Look at the division and nobody is killing it. If this is 15 games in and still happening, call me concerned. Right now, lets weed out the Pyatt's and Asham's from the line-up.
I get what you are saying but the deal is us fans have watched these guys like Boyle and Pyatt and Asham for a while now- we know what they have, next to nothing. The mear fact that they are on the roster, let alone in the top 6 is absurd. I can't believe it is taking an NHL coach 2 months to see these guys can't hack it. He sees it, it's just clearly they don't have much else to turn to.

I'm wiling to give this team, as currently constructed another 5 games. What will really be the tipping point for me is when we see Hagelin return. If we still parade out these fairly useless hockey players while we have alternate options available, I'll really have to start thinking about who is in control of player personnel and who is actually making the final decisions about who plays each night( coach vs. gm.)

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