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10-12-2013, 02:08 AM
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Originally Posted by GrapesOfMcIlrath View Post
STL GF 14 GA 6.

NYR GF 6 GA 20. If you take out the LAK game, it looks even worse.

There's really not much else to say...... but you know I will anyway.

This team is turning the puck over like I've never seen before. And it's not just one or two culprits, it's almost everyone.

Call me an apologist, but I really think we can almost write off this whole first month of the season, and here's why:
-The team has been on almost constant travel since the beginning of training camp
-Nash (shoulder/hamstring/groin concussion), Hagelin (IR), Stepan (rusty/not in game shape) and Callahan (rusty)
-Hank is traditionally a slow starter
-AV's new system

Now, that's not necessarily an excuse for just how awful the team is playing, but anyone can see that this team is mentally and physically gassed. In retrospect, I think it was an awful idea to do the Banff/Western Canada Training Camp/Preseason, given the fact that the team was already going to be on the road for the first month of the season due to MSG Renovations. I know Sather has ties over there and wanted to do something for the flood victims, but the team could have raised money from the NYC Metro Area.

These next couple games, all I want to see is improvement. I still fully expect the team to look tired, I just want them to look a little better mentally each game. If we make it out of this road trip 3-6 or better, I would count us very lucky.....

With that being said, I fully expect the Rangers to somehow come out and crush the blues 5-1. Nash's latest concussion awakened latent telepathic abilities. From the press box, he uses his powers to create a psionic barrier to seal Marty's five hole, then proceeds to slowly drain the life force of the entire blues bench to heal himself for a third period comeback, in which he scores all 5 goals.
Well spoken. Hope this is the truth. Several guys have to stand up and step up their game for Nash.

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