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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
If reilly has a career like Kimmo call yourself fortunate. Kimmo came over to the nhl late but still managed to have a great career. I think if you are going to measure a player's success by awards then you are going to be greatly disappointed.

Francois Beauchemin has never come close to a Norris , but He led the Ducks in TOI the year they won the cup. A team that featured 2 hof defenders.

I think it is lazy to just look at stats and awards and come up with conclusions about players. Points imo opinion are the single most overrated stat in hockey.

I think Reilly is a smart player who is not going to pinch in a 50 50 situation , rather take the safe play and get in defensive position. To me a player like that rarely wins the norris award because they don't generate the offense neccessary to win but those are the type of smart defenders like Kimmo that win.

In this age of excellent young dmen

Doughty, Pieterangelo, Jones, Subban, Karlsson, Larsson, Brodin, OEL, etc these are the players Reilly will have to win a norris against. Not to mention established veterans like Chara, Weber, Keith who all have good years in front of them.

SO in reality I don't see reilly winning a norris or even coming close but that does not diminish his play at all.
Who is to say he can't develop into players like those? When I watch him play it's scary how much he reminds me of keith. Ive seen rielly play many times, (probably more than any other leaf fan because I've watched him play before he was a leaf), and hes always played at the same level he's capable of in every league he's played in.

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