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10-12-2013, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
Hey maybe one thing you guys are forgetting over there in Europe, is ultimately you are the one paying the salaries of the team you route for. So as a consumer you have every right to be mad, and vent your frustrations if players and management aren't living up to expectations.

Oh, and don't soccer fans riot?
Well, most of the money in soccer are from sponsorships and advertisement. Ticket prices are only a small part of a clubs revenue. This is mostly true for big clubs though, but no organized team can survive without sponsorships.

And football riots are almost never about the performance of a team. It's almost always political or feud-based.

My point with the post is that there is too much negativity. I understand you're passionate about the team, but when 90% of the things being said is about how terrible someone is, or how you hate everything about the team, that's counter-productive. I figured the perspective of someone from outside the usual sphere of hockey and your usual conversational partners would be enlightening. If you came to f.example a Chelsea bar in the UK and the first thing you said when they lost 4-0 is "What the hell is he doing on the team!? We are going to lose the next game! OMG just fire the coach!", you'd have a better chance of getting your face punched than anything.

If you were at the stadium the hour before the game tonight, what would you be thinking? "Meh, we're gonna lose." and just shout against your team the entire night? The attitude I see here can only happen here. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be very popular at MSG if you could only talk about how terrible the team is the entire game.

If you're only here to complain, just don't watch the game. Go do something else if you're only able to support your team when they are doing well. Coming on an internet forum just to talk about how terrible someone is will just make your life miserable. Your team might not be good, but a true fan should act like a coach in the locker room between periods.

Yes, you can be angry. Yes you can blame single players, but when you create an atmosphere of hatred and negativity, you're just tooting your own horn, not doing anything to help the team or show that you care. You just look like an angry entitled brat.

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