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10-12-2013, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Pistachio View Post
I recently got interested in hockey. I come from Europe, where Football (Soccer) is a highly popular sport.

What surprises me about reading this board for the past ~2 years is the crazy cynicism and bad attitude towards your team. If something goes wrong, it's always some huge problem where everyone's at fault and no one is good enough to play for "your" team.

The way some of you guys talk about the Rangers looks to me like you somehow feel like the players owe you something.. Most of you seem to think you know exactly what's wrong and whose fault it is, and you're not shy to go about insulting every player and coach you feel doesn't live up to your expectations, like you're entitled to be a condescending jerk because it's, again, "your team".

Take the game day threads for example. If there's a goal against, it's never "Oh shucks, I guess we could have played that better". It's always: "OH MY GOD, ****ING DEL ZOTTO DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE ON THIS TEAM." "Why is Pyatt on this team? He's like _the_ worst player in the NHL" (read that in a young teenage girl voice).

Not to mention this GDT. Everyone "assumes" the rangers are going to lose. Everyone just "OH **** WE GUN LOSE, LET'S NOT WATCH".... Imagine if the players were actually reading this board. That would sure fill them with confidence that their fans got their backs...

Just get over it. Be supportive. Again, if the players were reading these boards,they wouldn't be inspired to play better. They'd be more inclined to get pissed off because they get very little support in here. It's your team. You shouldn't be proud of them only when they are playing well. They represent your city, your childhood or your identity - whatever it was that made you become fans in the first place. In European football, there are thousands of thousands of fans that turn up to the fourth division teams matches, not because they are good or even have a chance in hell of winning any major tournaments. They show up because it doesn't matter if their team loses 9-0 or gets relegated to playing in the worst league in the entire world. It's still their team and they are proud of it.

So be proud. Stop acting like the rangers owe you a perfect start to the season. Be patient. You can be upset, sure, but when you're only upset you're not a fan. You're a pissy little kid who needs to go take a time out.

A soccer fan from Europe telling hockey fans in America how to Maybe we should start heckling players, start riots, and chant all game.

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