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10-12-2013, 12:46 PM
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2 quick things we should be straight on:

1. The Rangers did not 'quit' on Tortorella last season. What evidence does anyone have suggesting this? If it was a comparison between last season and the season before, how exactly do you explain what has happened last season vs. the beginning of this season? Did the team already quit on a coach Alain Vigneault that they just signed up for?

2. Can we get over this "vocal leaders are good, quiet leaders are bad" idea that everyone is accepting as gospel. There is no evidence that this is true either; in fact most of the evidence suggest the opposite.

Messier wasn't a good leader because he was vocal; he was a good leader because he lead by example which is what all good leaders, vocal or quiet, do. He was most effective when his actions carried the team. He was ineffective in his second stint as a NYR when he was no longer physically able to carry the team.

Say what you will about Drury being a bad captain or not - when he realized he could no longer be a asset to the Rangers he retired gracefully - if Messier did this his second go around as a Ranger it would have saved us years.

I don't understand how people can say Callahan is a bad leader because he is a quiet leader. First he is probably more vocal than most previous Rangers captains or captains around the league; and to my original point this shouldn't matter either way.

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