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Originally Posted by SlapshotSuperstar View Post
Main difference is that Krueger nourished the youngstars creativity to allow them to make plays.. and build confidence.. lead by example

Eakins is authoritarian and the players confidence is shot because their creativity they feel might be getting stifled.. this of course is where hemsky comes in handy who can make something out of nothing. Once the youngstars re-learn how to be creative with the new system i'm sure they will surpass krugegers defensive lapsed system.
The stars on this club have been anything but creative lately. They've stifled their own creativity. This is a club that is trying the perfect pass across the ice beyond much else. For creativity watch some of the goals the nucks scored against us. Patterned puck movement to areas we don't even flirt with.

Our young stars are guilty of trying the perfect one timer setups too much instead of finding other scoring schemes. At the same time its more than curious that the same club so reliant on passes across fails to defend them and look surprised every time we're scored against in similar fashion. This is particularly maddening. We lost to Montreal on goals we try to make every game. But Habs didn't give us those gimme looks.

Watch Perron's goal scoring sense vs the incumbents here. Whens the last time you saw somebody score here off the faceoff? Perron just did. Just case in point but I see perron routinely changing up angles, cloaking in positions, feigning movement etc.
Imagination on display. We need more of it. Not too curiosly he's been more dangerous than any of the "creative" incumbents.

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