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10-12-2013, 01:29 PM
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I generally like Eakins post game comments.

I find his real time bench management somewhat odd.

For one, his outlandish thoughts on forward toi. Thinking that Hall should be able to handle a diet of 27mins/game.
Right now, as I type this, the top 3 forwards toi/game are all Oilers. The kids, go figure. All getting several more minutes in the NHL then the top players in the game. jebus, if I'm giving anybody over 25mins/game I'm giving it to Crosby, Ovechkin. Hall, Eberle? RNH? not so much. To add to the overtaxing minutes Eakins is allotting he's also using these guys for pk stints. Which taxes them even more.
Fact of the matter is that no other head coach believes that top forwards should get 25 or more minutes/night. Eakins, apparently due to his marathon sensitivities believes it should be able to happen. He's dreaming. Its one thing to take a 150lb soaking wet male body and run it in marathons or triathlons. To expect a 200lb male to play 25minutes forward in intense NHL hockey is plain nuts. Nobody does it, nobody expects it, but we got a crackerjack here that does. sigh.

Next, while the kidstars are barely getting off the ice, the most effective forward on the club this year, Gordon, is on the ice for 12mins against Montreal. Somebody explain this. Apparently an oversight, maybe Gordon sitting on the wrong spot on the bench, who

Eakins also playing J Schultz, who at times has looked like bambi in his own end, the most minutes, over 25/night. He's on the top of the order. In his most memorable moment he's caught clock watching as an NHL style forecheck completely schools him resulting in serious scoring chances.

So lets deduce where Eakins is getting seduced. Clearly he likes skill beyond much else. To wit guys like J Schultz, Hall, Eberle, RNH, getting the most minutes. Solid guys like Smid, Gordon, often forgotten. EAkins also on record singling out Hemsky as the most impressive player on this club. Hello 2004, what coach has made that observation over the last decade. Most people see inherent flaws in Hemskys game and it shouldn't take long. But right now Hemsky is a beautiful swan. Because Eakins is being lulled with NHL skill. I'm almost surprised Omark didn't make the club.

OK, that got off much more sarcastic than I intended and started to be a rant.

I like eakins, I think he'll be a fine coach, its just frustrating seeing him engage in so many errant pursuits that are sure to be learning curves.

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