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10-12-2013, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Its not about leadership, its about utilizing players and their skillsets sensibly.

He's on record STATING that Hall should be able to handle 27mins night. I'm not JUST going on the fact that the minutes allotted have been as odd as his comment. They confirm his comment to this point.

It would be literally impossible to play NHL forwards much north of 20mins/every night. To suggest 27 verbally is ludicrous. Trouble is Eakins gives away credibility when he makes these kinds of comments. Eakins won't end up doing that because he should see the error of his ways in short order. Because he'll note his star forwards hitting a wall at some point in this roadtrip.

Its one thing to test his players fitness. Theres many ways to do that. To do it in game action where its costing the team is not where I would do it.

We'll see what happens on the road because overshifting players is possibly even worse on the road.

That said if I'm coach of this team no forward is getting more minutes than Gordon.
If you set the bar low, you will never go as far. Sometimes you have to test the limits of what people can do to learn about their character. We'll see what happens with Eakins and his young stars.

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