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10-12-2013, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by savebyrichter420 View Post
Ok, fair enough although the Hawks were also a ridiculously talented team and we are nowhere near their level. Maybe having more veteran leadership could help us realize we need to play a certain way because our skill level isn't on par with teams like that. Teams can be willed to victory and over come their short comings in the talent department if you have the right people in leadership roles. I also just think its funny that you don't believe in the affect veteran leadership and cup experience can have on a team when you have a Messier picture under your name.

Even if it didn't help us win the cup you don't think it could have any positive impact outside of that?
That's very true that the Hawks were and are an extremely talented/gifted team. But before that Cup win, they weren't vets with experience as most would describe them now, they were just a team that had made the conference finals. I'm not trying to discredit veterans or say it's completely useless by any means and I never said it doesn't have an affect on the players, I just think it gets a little too hyped up as being an absolute necessity to start winning.

Honestly I don't know what the hell this team needs right now besides 10 pounds of smelling salt each.

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