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Originally Posted by dustrock View Post
And yet when Babcock et al do it it's fine right?
heh, not to make too much of a deal with this but Babcock actually looks tough, fierce, and somebody I would think twice about getting into it with.

When a guy thats soaking wet 150lbs tries to get in your face and look all tough it really doesn't hold any water.

The angry little guy thing like barring fangs and growling only goes so far. Its not Eakins card at all and he should stop it. He would be best as a lifeskills type coach and making sure the club is fit then trying to be challenging with demeanor. I'm sure Babcock has intimidated the snot out of a few players in his time. I can't see that happening with Eakins. The smile works better than the frown in the latter case.

Eakins doesn't have his NHL shtick well thought out yet. Its one thing to be a hardline guy with AHL players requiring your stamp of approval to ever see the light of day of NHL hockey. Its a completely another thing to use it too much with already established NHL players who could just as easily tune you out and not ever worry about it.

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