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10-12-2013, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by The Perfect Human View Post
He's got a long ways to go to understand how coaching works in the NHL. I'm seeing a lot of the same bad habits on this team from last year.

Makes you wonder if it's a coaching problem or a "core player" problem.

Might be time to start thinking about moving some of the wunderkids
Funny you mentioned this as I was just reading this article on the EJ:

Here is a snippet from the article:

In the meantime, the Oilers continue to try to master the new system, something that is new even to defensive specialist Gordon, although he has seen other teams employ it.

Since he has been about “10 years old,” Gordon has been more accustomed to the traditional plan in which one defenceman guards the front of the net, while his partner and the centre do the puck retrieval chores along the wall and in the corner.

Habits being habits, do the Oilers lapse back to that approach in the heat of battle?

“Yeah, I think everyone has,” Gordon said. “I know I have.”
They'll get it, it's a matter of reconditioning the brain. Maybe Eakins should ring a bell a la Pavlov to break the old habits in order to reinforce the new habits-haha.

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