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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
I think we would need to qualify that there might be no such thing as "the Rangers." It's possible that some of the Rangers quit on Tortorella last season. Boyle? Richards? Kreider? We DO know that some of the Rangers complained to management and got Torts fired.

This, to me, might explain what is going on with AV this season. While some of the Rangers were clearly fed up with Torts, other members of the team were clearly (to use a long-standing avatar meme) Torts kind of guys. It would not surprise me in the least if guys like Callahan, Stepan, Girardi and McDonagh were as shocked by Torts' dismissal (and how it happened) as Torts was.

Fast forward one off-season. Most of the team is back, but now, half the team knows that the other half of the team got their coach--a coach who was the best thing to ever happen to some of their careers--fired. That's not exactly conducive to a cohesive locker room. I hope I'm just reading too much into it, but if that IS going on, it's not going to be fixed without moving some of the players (which could be difficult because the assumed "leaders" of both sides are key players for this team, with Nash and Lundqvist on one side, and Cally, Step and the defense on the other).
This is a good point.

But I don't think if even one half of the team was wanting him gone that Sather would pull the trigger. I can't see a team that has historically only been getting tighter and tighter in camaraderie not getting a consensus before going to management and saying they want the coach out.

Most of the players were progressing under Torts. I don't see, at least on the playing surface how the team just "gave up" on the coach. Perhaps he couldn't squeeze as much as he did the season before, but it's understandable given the circumstances of a shortened season etc. In the end we finished 4 seeds worse than the year before, won a seven game series and lost to a Boston team that deserved to be in the Stanley Cup final. That is nothing to be ashamed of which is why I thought they would give Torts another season to work it out.

The players that played poorly under Torts last season (I'm thinking Richards, Del Zotto namely) always got the benefit of the doubt from him, at least when he addressed the media. The other players he didn't like I am assuming he got the GM to deal away or send to Hartford well before he got fired.

The only people I can see Sather totally listening to would be the guys like Staal, Callahan, and Lundqvist. The rumor was that Lundqvist did say he wanted Torts out, as much as I don't like to believe it I can see him trying to voice his opinion on what he thought was best for the skaters (Torts doesn't really have jurisdiction on what Hank does) and perhaps his impatience made him voice his opinion that in the end was taken too seriously by Sather.

Maybe the players who did voice concerns did just that, but didn't say explicitly they wanted a new coach; but Sather maybe took it that way? Maybe they were all shocked when Tortorella was fired.

Somehow I think this all has to do with Lundqvist being a UFA at the end of this season. Sather's first priority should have been a contract extension for Henrik before the season even started, before he resigned any other FAs.

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