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Originally Posted by Hal 9000 View Post
Thomas was a product of the Bruins system, Rask is living proof of that. Thomas wasn't very good before the Bruins as well as when Dave Lewis was coach, his game came around coincidentally enough when Claude Julien became coach and instituted a bulletproof defensive system. Thomas has has the benefit of being off for a year to hide his mediocrity - and you people buy in...hook, line and sinker.

As for Brodeur, this isn't so obvious so i'll give a brief anecdote; Some friends of mine and me, were discussing 3 goalies, Roy, Hasek and Brodeur - "who was better". Any one could be considered the better of the three, so we devised a mathematical system based on 3 different types of games; 1) 23 shots or less, 24-32, and 33+. Then as a control figured out exactly what the average amount of goals that were allowed by every goalie, every game in those categories. For example; 2 games of 22 SA each is much different from 1 game allowing 44 shots against (this is why I don't care much for SV% as the end all be all stat).

I wont give the results of the analysis, because they're gone...but all 3 were under the median in every category. Brodeur was closest to average in every category, but had by in large the more games in the 23 or less category - thus padding his stats. Essentially, games where the Devils gave up 24 or more shots, Brodeur was just slightly better than league average.
I have tried like hell to explain this to every devils fan, but they are so damn thickheaded that instead of discussing/defending this point, they point at the rangers having one cup in 20 years while the devs have 3...

anyways, I've always believed that about brodeur. I'd love to compare his stats to lundqvist over time

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