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01-17-2004, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by paxtang
Well it is becoming more and more apparent this is simply a case of a homer who doesn't know what he is talking about. You looked at 2 years of a players fight card, which by the way is more impressive than Roberts' Guerin, Lappy, and Wilm fight card (althought he was injured last year).

Again, as I've said Primeau has more fights than Roberts in his career. He has fought Jim Kyte, Luke Richardson, Kelly Chase 3x, Bryan Marchment, Jeff Odgers, Shane Churla, Rob Ray, Enrico Ciccone, Stephane Quintal 2x, Darian Hatcher, Kelly Buchberger 2x, Jim Cummins, Todd Simpson 2x, Basil McRae, Matthew Barnaby 2x, Mike Peluso 2x, Sandy McCarthy, Kris King, Ken Belanger, Dale Purington, Randy McKay, Peter Worrell, Brad Brown, Jason Weimer, and many others. For a nonfighter and a player who is relyed upon mainly for scoring (before this year), that is a fantastic fight card, and comparable to any nonenforcer in the league. He even fought Bob Probert in practice when he was in Detroit. Ask anyone who knows anything about hockey fights and the will tell you that Keith Primeau is a very effective fighter who has fought his fare share of enforcers, even though he doesn't have to.
You know what they say about people that resort to insults when debating the issues....

Gary Roberts 21 career fights (Note Roberts had more fights in a single season)

Keith Primeau 28 career fights

You so claim that's good for Keith Primeau because he's not a fighter and it's true just but Gary Roberts is not a fighter and is even known for less of this then Primeau and that gives Primeau all the more incentive to drop them. There's also the fact you're saying that Primeau's been injured well guess what, Roberts has been injured for near his entire his career wether it be his neck, his shoulders or his spinal cord take your pick.

I'm done responding because you're clearly just going to try to resort to more insults so I'll leave it with this Roberts showed Primeau did not and both of them have injuries that they should not be fighting with so how exactly is Roberts the bad guy... (Retorical question.)

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