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Originally Posted by bleedgreen View Post
I found the OT embarrassing. We touched the puck four times. After LA holds the puck in our end for a minute and a half, jstaal lofts a backhand blind from in front of the net over the red line where Dwyer catches up to it, fans on a shot from the blue line, then smacks it deep giving right back. LA recycles, regroups, takes the zone for another minute. Eventually we get it back, skinner sprints up the rink and loses it one on one in about three seconds to have LA regroup and draw the penalty.. To this point possession is approximately 2:50 LA :10 Carolina. Then hainsey and jstaal make one attempt, and semin shoots at the buzzer. Add another approx 20 seconds. That's all they had. Jr thinks we have enough skill. Our puck possession was a joke there, and wasn't much better all night. LA wasn't much better offensively but they played a great stifling road game.

Big bad play of the night, estaal with a lazy pass to Faulk who bobbles it twice and gives it up for a shorty. Big good play, skinner finally figures out where the net is seconds later. The rest was a boring, defensive struggle with not a lot of quality possession either way really. They killed us on draws and hitting. Komi did his job. Lindholm looks like he is still struggling from the same shoulder injury he's had since rookie camp, yet is still being allowed to play against guys big enough to hurt him with clean and not particularly hard finishes along the boards. Shut it down, it isn't healing. Give him a week or two off or send him home. With lots of pasta and some weights.

Thought ward was wardish. Positionally sound. Not super quick or agile. Estaal losing his **** on his stick on the bench would've been the comedic relief winner for the night if not for hainsey clotheslining skinner after the goal.

Ps. I have no problem with the shoutout. We didn't deserve that game, so no point squeezing about the SO robbing us of a point. It's fun to watch sometimes, and the layman fans love it.
Bleed bullseyed-it again, causing me to once again wonder why I ever question him about anything on this forum (even though I was so right about Faulk/McBain and he was so wrong). Staal slamming his stick into the bench was about as much effort as he gave all night. When is he gonna learn that the ice is 200' long???? Lazy assed captain strikes again.

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