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10-12-2013, 09:44 PM
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POTG: Richards - he's been a legit first line offensive threat this year. 4 goals, 2 assists in 5 games, 3 points tonight. Awesome performance, and he's been looking great on the PP, too.

Good: Stepan - he's starting to get his game back. He's making plays and getting points. He's been very effective on the PP. Callahan - he's going to the net and scoring goals, hitting, being Callahan. Fast - I love what I've seen from him. It's a shame he's been paired with two offensive blackholes in Pouliot and Boyle. Zuccarello - also making plays, still snakebitten, though. He HAS to be paired with a shooter, we're wasting his playmaking skills. At least put him with Richards, Callahan, or Nash when he gets back.

The PP was fantastic tonight, best I've seen it in quite some time, against one of the best PKing teams in the league over the past few seasons.

Bad: Pouliot - seriously, this guy is trash. What does he add aside from a handsy play every once in a blue moon? Boyle - watching him lumber around the ice is getting really painful. He's playing too many minutes, again. Injuries play a factor, but, coming from the poster whose name is based on Boyle, I am looking forward to the day he is traded and replaced with one of our kids in the minors. Dorsett - moronic penalties. I get what he's going for, but jeez, play with some composure, dude.

The entire defense was underwhelming/putrid, they were missing coverage and turning the puck over all night. Looked better than they did in previous games, though, so I guess it's an improvement.

Redden: Biron - need I say more?

Overall, tonight was a HUGE improvement and pleasant surprise in terms of effort and how the team played. They hung in there. Nash and Hagelin being out definitely is noticeable, so hopefully the team can start to show even more positive signs of improvement when these two return.

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