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01-17-2004, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by capn89
Last year in the playoffs, your boy tucker got crushed by Fedoruck I believe, then laid on the ice like he was dead and didn't miss a shift. Faking an injury and throwing a water bottle at an official who shouldn't even be in the NHL any more after that game are two different things... Roenick was pissed because he was bleeding like a mother ****ers because of 3 high sticks (2 from opponents) and got no calls on any of them... Darcy pretended to be injured. Two different things that cannot be compared.
How do you know he pretended to be injured? Maybe he had the wind entirely knocked out of him and showed some heart by getting back on the ice? Maybe he was hurt and played anyway?

Owen Nolan got a high stick in the EYE and hasn't played since, and that wasn't called a penalty. I didn't see him have a temper tantrum or rant to the officials after the game. Roenick had a cut lip, Nolan hasn't played since. Compare those if you want to compare something - and we're talking about a fierce competitor in Nolan.

I like Roenick. I like Tucker. Give me either over a player that seems indifferent out there.

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