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10-13-2013, 12:00 AM
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Is there any real difference between the protection offered between different kinds of glove fit? Bauer has different marketing spiel for their gloves - e.g. classic fit offers 'maximum protection', tapered fit has 'ultimate mobility', anatomical fit has 'superior coverage'. It seems to imply that the classic fit is a bit better at protecting your hands.

I know that some fits offer greater wrist mobility than others, but does this have any effect on the likelihood of wrist injuries? Would less wrist freedom equal more wrist protection? I ask this because I had to type this with my right hand - I'm pretty clumsy, I fell on my left hand (in hired gloves) in an awkward fashion and sprained my wrist. Now I'm paranoid about further wrist/hand injuries. I'll probably get some kind of wrist guard, but I'm wondering if a certain kind of glove fit would offer added protection.

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