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10-13-2013, 01:02 AM
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just joined first post I love the rangers but kinda knew going in it would be bumpy to start the season new coach with anew system and on a long road trip. that being said the two games ducks and sharks worst I have seen tonight not really that bad you will never hear this but the ranger players have no faith in biron yes king has sucked but biron is just real bad wish they had sighned another back up goalie . there are tons of missed assignments by the players learning a new system with stepan haglin cally not being ready at all and then nash hurting they have no flow to there game they need lines to play together and stay together . they have some good pieces but there 2nd and 3rd tier players just stink. I still believe they don't have a number one center stepan to me is a 2nd line Richards is doing well but to me he is a 2nd liner also brassard 3rd line .the rangers have big guys who play like girls boyle needs to go I know everyone says he just a 3rd or 4th line guy but he logs a good amount of ice time and does nothing no threat to score ok face off and pk but if that's all he can do go away pyatt is another big guy who is soft and is not going to score or win battles in the corners then are speedy skill guys don't use there speed and skill need scoring from haglin when he is back and mza if not real bad season nash will be nash Richards will play well cally will be cally if they don't get production from the others and maybe January call ups of krieder and miller it will be along season hank will play well soon d will come around even though still no point on powerplay . they also have a glaring weakness in toughness big guys don't hit 2 years ago no one wanted to play the rangers now everyone does asham needs to go just old haley, mashinter they can fill his spot not only talking about fights just overall don't want to play against ,pyatt boyle asham dorsett can all go easily replaced I would just as rather see stu bickle play forward and haley play on the fourth line bickle will never be a good dman might as well put mashinter play fourth line also healthy scratch one from time to time so dominic moore plays some I have rambled enough but they did play better against a cup contender tonight but biron killed them when u have no faith in your goalie you will not win just like in base ball when players have no faith in the pitcher the whole team starts to stink it up errors all over because they feel they wont win same thing here they know no matter what biron will give up soft goals takes out all the wind in there sails so tighten up the d and king back in against the caps .like the d pinching from time to time but some ranger dman not there thing rangers need mcilrath to get it together so he maybe could take on an a buekaboom roll a stay at dman thet lets the other dman do his thing oh I forgot leetch not there but u know what I mean wow long first post u can tell have no life
remember 4th line minutes stu bickel Brandon mashinter Michael haley cant do any worse and be a lot of fun to watch hate the caps

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