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10-13-2013, 01:20 AM
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Originally Posted by savebyrichter420 View Post
Zuc and Pouliot, who I believe was the other player mentioned, have zero points. For players that need to produce offense to be effective that isn't good enough especially when the scores have been pretty lopsided against us. Saying they need to be better, along with other players, isn't the big deal some of you are making it out to be.

Just relax, we get it, you guys love MZA. Feel free to continue your attachment to him, that's your right as fans.

The only ones to single him out were the ones who picked his name out of a list of a few other disappointing players.

You've got me grouped into a category that I really don't fit. I was being dead serious--I'm totally ambivalent about MZA. They could trade him tomorrow and it wouldn't bother me. I wasn't bothered when they let him go last year. I'm gun shy over getting attached to little players after Prucha turned out to be such an epic disaster.

I am not an MZA fanboy in the slightest. I'm just surprised that, after a game where we scored 3 goals and the top 3 defensemen collectively shat the bed, the post-game thread had more posts about MZA (who didn't help the effort but didn't contribute to the loss) and Del Zotto (the best d-man out there tonight).

The issue is our top 3 d. Aside from LA, they literally have stunk every game. Stunk. McDonagh has more bad games this season than he had collectively over the last three years. This is a problem, and people seem more concerned with periphery issues. That just struck me as odd.

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