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10-13-2013, 01:56 AM
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I mean, there's some really obvious stuff that always goes uncorrected by management to the point that it's obvious to most of the smart fans out there that something should be done. People knew Leighton was a horrible idea and would blow up in our faces. He blows up in the SCF, they sign him again, and we get rid of him soon after. People clamor for Laviolette to be gone in the off-season which intensifies as the preseason goes and they wait till three games into the season to do it. Nobody liked the Shelley or Talbot signings and look how they've gone and are going.

Obviously the fans aren't infallible nor always right but usually the smart, hardcore bunch notice the egregious mistakes way before management ever corrects them. It's just frustrating. Like some mistakes are so obvious that any knowledgeable fan knows that it's a mistake yet management can't even seem to notice those type of things or act on them quickly.

Not sure if you get what I mean.

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