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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
I've only been a fan half as long and I'm already in a similar state. I'll never stop being a fan of the NHL or cheering for the Flyers but my passion is rapidly dwindling.

I realize we make the playoffs most years, but as of late that hasn't been true and even beyond that when we were making the playoffs it was always marred by idiotic decisions that usually ended up screwing us one way or another. I can only suffer through so many Leighton's, Boucher's, Shelley's, Bryzgalov's, Rosehill's, Cote's, three game coach firing's, emergency tryouts (remember those?), unfair and uncalled for media rumors, player disrespect (Gagne, Richards, Carter mainly), disappointing seasons, never addressing team needs (never keeping a true-blue starter, seeming like we always need a number one D, always drafting and being way too deep at C), lack of direction, seeing players excel once they leave Philly and usually because we forced them out unfairly (Sharp, Richards, Carter, Bobrovsky are all shining examples), or just flat-out getting screwed over by injuries or cruel fate (by cruel fate my mind automatically defaults to losing Patrick Kane to the draft lottery then having him clinch the SC against us years later while we get...JVR). Just gets tiring and predictable to a certain extent.

I didn't even fit Pronger's hilarious 35+ contract misunderstanding in there.
I think a lot of that is hindsight bias. With having never won it recently there's always mistakes to look at that looked correctable, but if you go back there were a good portion of us supporting these so-called obvious mistakes. Sometimes other options were unavailable or seem more appealing after the fact.

Many people thought Lavi deserved another year after a lockout-shortened season, and some of the same people now think that was a mistake. It's hard to see what will and what won't pan out, I wouldn't get down on the organization as a whole just yet. We're still a team that needs players and chemistry to develop; we're still well off our prime.

With trading Richards and Carter we opted for a rebuild, and with so many guys still developing, we'll probably have to wait til Morin and Hagg can come in and influence games before we're real contenders. At the tail end of Streit and Vinny's contracts we might start to get there. Maybe in 3-4 years we get another Lavi-style motivational coach after Chief runs his course and we can start making legitimate runs for the cup.

These things are cyclical and right now we still have an awesome young core, don't let their recent uninspired play make you doubt that. We've seen what they can do. We're still a few pieces away but have guys that may step up into those roles. Mason looks good (albeit small sample) and fits in perfectly with the rest of the core, for instance.

It's still October and I like the changes we're seeing since Chief took over. Now if they would just get the special teams back to where they were..

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