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10-13-2013, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Doakes View Post
First, might this be just a steep learning curve that next month the team is in sync, or is this a serious disconnect?

You know I never liked the idea of blaming Torts for our poor offense. To me, I think Torts had a great defensive that got the most out of our personnel.
People say the Rangers got sick of his structure, nah, I think Torts got canned because he was too rigid and inflexible. He would not make some adjustments to adapt to new personnel.
He got big headed thinking his system as is was best and it had to be 100% pure.
When the players disagreed he got nasty and it was his rigid ness, arrogance, and rude mean treatment that got him fired.

The Rangers didn't need a new system, they needed Torts to be more flexible and humane. Torts needed to be like Coughlin who lightened up after 2006.

Point is the a Rangers just needed Torts to lighten up, or find a coach who offered the structure Torts has with a less inflexible negative personality.
Man on man is a little more difficult than zone, they'll figure it out.

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