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10-13-2013, 10:36 AM
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God it was good to get in a game.

First off it was nice to get in touch with friends, Slake, Adzy. And meet new friends: Hunter, Diva. It was relaxing to be in a place where it meets my own personal philosophy. A place where people say how can I help YOU, not How can you help ME.

My perspective was the pre-pre game. I was at the Breaking into Sports seminar the Preds hosted. It was nice knowing I wasn't the old guy there. The seminar gave me confidence they weren't even planning. While there, I was spending time going, "I know all this crap." The entry fee was more for the chance to gladhand and the free meals and ticket. It was well worth it for the confidence alone.

As for the game. With my watch pattern I see massive changes in the team. This version of the team was mass chaos. Lot's more movement then set pieces. Lots of attacking the wing and hope for a guy at the slot to gobble up the rebound.

Nabby was giving up rebounds like nothing. The Preds were moving him left and right forcing him to scramble instead of controlling the puck.

I would feel better about the cannon shots past 40 ft if you have traffic in front of the net. Yes, the Jones goal and the Ellis goal had a very clear lane. Like a door open and you see nothing but blue sky and green grass. But how often do you have that?

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