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10-13-2013, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by savebyrichter420 View Post
You should trying working on your reading comprehension. I said numerous times he wasn't being singled out. It's comical to base an argument on stats as well as what I or others have seen? What big plays has he made exactly in these games? For someone so incredibly talented how come he continues to struggle to make his mark? Maybe he's just not as good as some people think along with a few other players on this team. Players of his skill sets only real job is to create offense, if they don't then it's fair to criticize them just like its fair to criticize Dorsett tonight like I did for failing in his role.

I'll say it again, when the team plays the way it has no player is immune to criticism unless they are completely settting the world on fire which neither Zuc or anyone else is doing. Get over it already, if a few of you want to keep jumping on him being mentioned along with other players who need to be better then so be it, I'm not responding to it or trying to clarify it any more for you. Just keep ignoring everything else I said and only focus on the name MZA!
There is a difference between criticism and making decisions to cut guys when others are under performing much more. I believe people are taking umbrage at the inconsistency of your argument bc it targets a smaller issue (no pun intended) while ignoring larger ones.

Originally Posted by Dactyl View Post
its not that hard to actually watch him play and see the little things that he is doing that are good
When I say inconsistency in your argument it's bc I agree with this post he is doing good things and has been doing them.
Reading your thing I would think he isn't doing anything.

Originally Posted by TollefsenFan View Post
Well if the Whole team sucks, so why do u focus only on one player? Come up With a better argument. I agree that Zucca has to play better, but Our main focus must be on defense. 20 goals against in the last 3 games are just to much. The fact is that Zucc is just invisible, while other players make horrible mistakes that leads to goals, like Staal on the first goal, stepans turnover, turnovers in the defensive zone etc. That should be the focus, not Boyle, Biron, Zucca, Pyatt etc.
Exactly. Much bigger problems. It is ok to critique and wonder where this guy's scoring is but you seem to be much more focused on this when you shouldn't be.

I think MZA will start producing more on the scoreboard and is worth a spot but he could easily be replaced and him not scoring is not acceptable. The other guy posting about MZA was ridiculous. Just painful reading his posts

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