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10-13-2013, 11:51 AM
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Let's just be honest here, the team has looked and played like crap. People have every right to examine, critique and question anyone or anything associated with this team right now. Having said that, there is a point where it goes overboard but it seems like the hip thing to do around here to label someone as panicking just because they speak their mind about the issues plaguing this team, not just this season, but for multiple seasons leading up to it.

Once again, its a veiled shot at people designed to make the person taking the shot at another poster sound like a more loyal or devoted fan. Too many here seem more interested in boosting their own ego and proving how much more of a fan they are than the next guy. Some serious self esteem issues going on here. Some posters just want to look cool instead of contributing to a meaningful discussion and others posters are off the deep end with doom/gloom. Let's all take a step back, chill and let it all settle back to the midpoint between the two. I'm pretty sure we all love this team or we wouldn't be here so lets start focusing on the real problems and not each other.

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