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10-13-2013, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by PK Pilot 76 View Post
Not picking on the OP but I'm getting tired of hearing "if they haven't picked it up by game 20, then you can worry". You worry now. If they haven't picked it up by game 20, you admit failure. If this team still looks this way at game 20, that's not when it's time to START worrying. That's when it's time to swallow the pill and admit the season is a loss. You don't get to play like this for 20 games and be successful in this league. When people talk about the importance of early points and quick starts, and even loser points, they're not just saying it to say it. It should be extremely worrying to everyone how we have started the season. No, you don't hit the red button because of 5 games. I didn't say that. You worry at 5 games though. You consider hitting the red button at 25. All of this "start worrying at 20 games" talk is nonsense. If you've gone 1/4 of the season looking like this, you're looking to next season.
It could be argued that many posters have already gone well beyond worrying. They've jumped off the bridge with the coach, GM, and starting goalie latched to them.

Semantics aside, the start no doubt has been disconcerting. However, there are several circumstances (not excuses) that give you reason to hope they'll get better. Let's wait and see.

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