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10-13-2013, 01:27 PM
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Does anyone know the last time a team yanked their goalie in 3 straight games? Or, even worse, three of the opening 5?? And the last time it was a world class level goaltender in back to back starts? Or the last time a team that supposedly had one of the best defense corps in the league had their goalie yanked in three straight games despite having a world-class goaltender?

This is not a common occurance. This is bad news bears, epically, in every single direction. I'm not saying that they can't recover, but I can't for the life of me even remember a team getting so throroughly destroyed night after night. And to pretend this happens all the time to teams that are expected to contend, and everything is more than likely to just pan out seems really naieve at this particular moment.

I mean, will Ulfie even make it back to MSG?

The team seems desparate for structure. The defense is a mess. Staal, McD, and Girardi actually look to be getting worse as they learn the system. I just cannot believe, yet, that theose guys are just regressing like crazy. They're all players who have massive levels of compete, jam, fight, whatever. The problem appears to be that they're playing on islands. I haven't seen any coherent stratgey in their game so far. So either this system is so exotic, andrevolutionarily amazing that it takes serious pro's with top level skills this long to not look completely outmatched, or the system in place is not a good fit, for this team, this league, or maybe even this sport.

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