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10-13-2013, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
"I have never seen a team so afraid to pass the puck", Mattias Norström during the PO's last season.

I am telling you Mike, its showing. If you don't see it, quote "wow". When we try just to kIplay the most simplistic game with an organized breakout, ie what basically all other teams in this league is doing, we start to break records with our sucking. First team in like 15 years to loose by more than 5 goals in concequtive goals.

I know there are many Torts fans who loved his tough talk to the media etc, but nobody can seriously argue that this team hasn't been extremely badly coached for a long time when seing what a complete mess we are when trying to play a basic hockey game. Sickening.
Stupid time zones and my need for beauty sleep...

The problem with you claiming that we are "3.5 years behind" (because of Torts) is that it just doesn't stack up. Leaving behind the idea that no NHL coach should be teaching the 'basics' (even at CHL level it should just be the final polish), due to our GM this team hasn't been around to work together for that long. Let's look at the list:

Richards - reckon I remember some nice passes during his cup winning season under Torts, I knew he could pass in Dallas, so is 1.5 seasons enough to 'unlearn all that'? Nah

Nash - 1 shortened season

Step - yep, you've got one

Brassard - not even close

Cally - thats 2

Boyle - i'll give you him as 3 but i'm not sure he could ever pass

Dorsett - see brassard

Asham - nope

Fast - nope

Moore - nope

Pouliot - nope

Mza - 65 games with time in europe. Nope

Pyatt - nope

Hagelin - sure if you want, he's 4.

Staal - again, if you want but he missed large chunks of 2 seasons

MDZ - yep

Girardi - yep

McD -2 full seasons, but sure, why not

Stralman - nope

Moore - see brassard

4 fwds, 4 d-men and somehow Torts taught them all to forget how to do stuff they've been doing since they were kids.

From the bit I've seen of CBJ dubu, AA and Gabby seem to be passing ok, their coaching staff must be miricale workers...

Torts' game plan was rubish, no argument, but to blame him for the poor skills is a cop out. The blame lies with the guy who assembled the team and the players themselves.

Despite your assertions I am not a 'Torts lover', I don't really care who coaches the rangers, but whether it be torts, AV or Bowman, this team will remain a bubble playoff team until changes are made at the top and within the playing group. None of which has anything to do with 3.5 missing years under torts...


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