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01-17-2004, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by #44_delivers
lou if you recall what waz his potential in jersey? did anyone know or waz it ever touted he'd be playing this good defencively/offencively ??
if you know do tell?
ive been to the elizabeth settlement and people tolled me he waz very slack and hard learner.
In 182 games he had four goals and 22 assists, but the way we looked at him was that he might be a decent dman with potential to score a handfull of goals a year but that wasn't what drove us nuts about him, he never played his size. He defintely tried but he wouldn't use that size to his advantage, I always noticed that he would hit people with his hands not his body if that can make sense, and I haven't been able to catch any habs games so I'm curious if he still does that. And nobody saw this type of offensive ability in him but that being said the trade wasn't all that bad for us for we got Malakhov and he was a big part of us winning our second cup. He was partnered with Colin White who was a rookie and Malakhov was a pleasant surprise in the playoffs, only scored one goal but did play solid in his own end. But no he was never ever touted to play like this were as shocked as anybody.

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