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10-13-2013, 06:58 PM
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Originally Posted by dackelljuneaubulis02 View Post
I don't like speaking ill of him while he's going through whatever family issues that are confronting him but the simple truth is that this wasn't the first time we've played better without him. I've seen it happen many many times.

We just have one (definitely argue more) too many tiny players in our top 9.

Without Gionta, DD gets to have Bourque and Prust on his line and apparently that worked out a lot better. Having Gionta and DD on the same line just seems crazy and neither of them really deserve to be on the top 2 at this point.

He does work hard and puts up the odd goal and plays solid defense but I'll scream it till I'm hoarse that Prust would be more effective in Gionta's spot.

One of DD or Gionta has to go for the benefit of our top 9. It'll infinitely improve our top 3 lines if this happens.

I'll make a bet with anyone that we'll play so much better with Gionta out.
If you're trying to prove a point you should probably use a game in which the Habs actually did play better. They were lucky to come out of there with a win last night. If it wasn't for Price and that ridiculous goal things could have been a lot different.

And I'd take you on that bet any day.

Personally I think we're better with a 25 goal scorer in the lineup than without.

Now, if you're talking about making a sacrifice to be able to pay Subban etc...that's another story. But saying the Habs are better right now without him is highly, highly questionable.

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