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10-13-2013, 08:29 PM
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Why is it a problem if there's an obsession anyway? If he does I really going to read in this board about either lovers or haters about how we should stop congratulating him over and over again? There will really people who will hate seeing us congratulate him every single night? I want to really meet those people 'cause if so...they are the real true ones in that debate....

The day we have a real strong team that won,t need their goalie to be day in day out the beset player of the team, the obsession will stop. Until then....unfortunately, that's how it's going to be. But we are pretty versatile though. Have we stopped bashing Desharnais while we are so obsessed and focused on Price? Have we stopped praising Eller, and both Gallys despite our obsession? Has Therrien's work be unnoticed also? Pretty sure everybody will have it despite the Price "Love".....

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