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10-13-2013, 11:37 PM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
if we average 16.5k issued and used with 15.5k+ sold the team will do ok. I see nothing to worry about in our ticket numbers right now and I still have the current and previous lease versions, the proposed leases, and ticket data dating back to 1998 on my various thumb and external hard drives. If I get concerned .... worry.

I guess we are going to have this "sellout" or not discussion again after every home game just like last year.

The Predators aren't doing anything that every other professional sports franchise does with regards to their tickets/attendance.

If we don't start winning on the ice, then attendance will begin to suffer, but at least right now, I don't see how anyone can have anything negative to say about our attendance. It is pretty darn good considering the last year we have had on the ice.

And it seems like many seem to think last night's crowd was bad or weak?? I guess I must be blind but the building looked pretty full to me- at opening faceoff there were plenty of empty seats, but it filled in nicely as it almost always does. Was there literally a butt in every seat? Nope, but absolutely no way I would call it a "weak" crowd.

As a former Atlanta Thrashers fan, I can tell you that if this was a game in Atlanta in October against the Islanders on a Saturday night, there might not have been 10,000 in the building.

And did anyone catch the Florida Panthers game today? Crowd was announced at 12,000, but there couldn't have been more than 9 or 10k in the stands.

We are doing ok- just as a point of comparison, the St Louis Blues, with a much longer and storied hockey history and a team on the ice that is a legitimate Cup contender- has had 4 home games and haven't come close to having a sellout, not even opening night (and almost 3,000 short of one vs Blackhawks, a game that had a huge amount of Chicago fans).

Just saying that things could be much worse......

I will say this- it will be interesting to see what the actual attendance will be Tuesday- a weeknight October game vs Florida- if we are ever going to have a low attendance night, that could be it......

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