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Originally Posted by Raspewtin View Post
Lundqvist signing an 8x8? Would never happen, at LEAST 8.5 and he'll start talking. That's a lot of roster spots you're trusting kids to. The idea of trading Hagelin for anything short of a great return is just no. I think he'll only grow, and if he can ever finish, become a 60 point defensive winger. I would definitely like to see bottom 6 spots handed to kids though, but not just the big prospects. Bring up guys like Andrew Yogan, Michael Kantor, etc. We need guys to fill roles, you can't just throw Kristo-Kreider-Lindberg in the bottom 6 and say "go play hockey" you need to give them roles they can play.
I don't think Hagelin has the hands or the shot power to hit 60 points. The rangers do not have first line talent. They have not drafted a first line talent since the late Cherepanov. It's catching up with them. Hagelin is a tradable asset that can be used to improve the team. The rangers do not have a lot of people that fit this category. I do not think you can contend with a Brassard as a second line center and Hagelin as a top six winger. It's not good enough. In theory you start out the six kids in the bottom six and you ease them up when they are ready. Of course they would have roles I mention that in the OP how they could be used, but irregardless it's up to the coaching staff.

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