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10-14-2013, 08:18 AM
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How do you guys explain Ovechkin who writes right-handed and plays right-handed? How do you explain Raphael Nadal who writes right-handed and started playing tennis right-handed until his coach made him learn to play lefty at a young age to give him an advantage over his opponents? How do you explain all these guitar and violin virtuoso who are right handed but all use their left hands for fretting, which requires most of the dexterity and precision? I think the answer is simple. You can make any hand the "dominant" one for a particular task through PRACTICE. If you suck playing wrong-handed, it's not because you're playing the wrong hand; you would probably suck as hard playing the "proper" hand. Stop looking for excuses or short-cuts. Pick a hand and PRACTICE the hell out of it.

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