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10-14-2013, 08:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Habnot View Post
You can call it many things but constructive is not one of them This level of scrutiny and negativity is more like destructive.

This is Obama territory - in the end 25% or so will never be happy until Price is out of Montreal.
I was talking about the points made AFTER Saturday's win. Please go back, re-read those posts and tell me how "destructive" those posts were.

Originally Posted by Habnot View Post
Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing.

Just because you can organize your thoughts and string together a couple of cognizant sentences does not exclude you from being an extremist or a hater.

Serious analysis of Price's body of work should produce an objective result with some positives and some negatives. But based on this thread, some posters would have us believe that Price is a below average goalie who has reached is full potential.
Personnally, I've never hidden the fact that I wasn't a Price lover. So the wolf isn't wearing anything else but his own clothes. Yes, I will not consider myself a hater as well as my thoughts about Price this summer was mostly build around the fact that the most important thing was not to get Price out. Was to build a much better team around. And I'll also add that personnally, if he plays great, I'll say it. Not going to downplay it. So if that's a hater, so be it....but I'll mostly believe that it is based on the view of an "extremist" lover. Which I also don't believe it's that much better.

As I stated numerous times, there are things to work with him. And that his "name" is still out there based on potential. Thinking that as to mean that I don't think he has reached it......yet. But time is running out.

As far as trading him, I don't want that. And at this point, I am pretty sure that we will lose a trade involving him as I'm skeptical of Bergevin now. But not only's also possible that I'll start believing, at least for Price, that one statement I hate to hear might actually be true...."He would not have done it here". If he's traded and does awfully better elsewhere, chances are we "could" place that under this statement as the level of pressure is too high here and starting over elsewhere could be just what the doctor orders. But we're so no there yet. We need to see a great Price for us. And we need for Bergevin to build a much stronger defense. And for Therrien to construct a much better defensive system. Before we start thinking of dealing Price.

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