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Originally Posted by onice View Post
Wait, i want to see if I understand what many are saying here.

Going into the 5th game of the season A lot of you guys want to fire a coach that took a team that finished 28th the year before and brought them last year to 2nd in the East and 4th overall in the league? Is that what you guys want to do? Does the word bi-polar mean anything to you guys?

There are some things that Therrien has done I don't agree with: BIG BIG example breaking up the LAB line(formerly known as the EGG line) and guess what? I was wrong and he was right.

I also blew a stack when I saw Boullion on the ice the last minute of a game we were trailing by one goal but a poster here made an excellent point. Gorges was hurt, Subban was in the box, two d-men had just come off the ice so what was Therrein suppose to do? Ask the refs to replace Boullion for Subban in the penalty box?

Therrien has to play the cards he is dealt and so far - even though I and many of you think we can do a better job - he has done a superlative job.

Before we call for MT's head shouldn't we at least wait till the team plays double digit games(I'd say 10 maybe 11 games) and has fallen to 5-6th place in the conference? It would make some of you guys look less bi-polar.

And this is coming from someone who was not a Therrien fan when he was hired by Bergevin.
It's only bi-polar if we actually thought Therrien was an amazing coach last year. Many of us thought the team was going to rebound and become a playoff team regardless of how good/bad Therrien did. I really disliked the Therrien hire at the time but can admit he's been better than I thought. But that doesn't mean he's been very good and beyond criticism. Especially since a lot of the issues we have as a team are self-inflicted like our PK is struggling because Therrien doesn't put Subban on it.

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