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Originally Posted by Raspewtin View Post
The backup situation is not important RIGHT this second, but we will blink and it will become a serious issue. Hank's going to the olympics, and will still play 60-65 games in the NHL. If there's any year to have a really good backup, it's this one. Again, it's not a GLARING need that has to be fixed right this second, but if by mid-December Marty is still here playing terribly, I will be very concerned.

he won't be asked to be Ron Hextall in net, with a really ****** defense in front of him. He just needs to be a solid backup. So yes he'd be worth 1.5-2 mill for that.
What do you think the chances are of Bryz taking a ~4mil+ discount from his last contract? Getting him for anything even remotely close to what Biron gets now is nothing but a dream and I'm not understanding why everyone thinks Bryz will accept a < 2mil contract. I'd be beyond surprised if he'd settle for anything under 2.7-3mil and for a backup that we can just get thanks.

People on here can say "He's just worth 1.5-2mil" all they want, I highly doubt his agent or himself will say "Yep 1.5mil sounds good after coming off of making 6.5mil last season he played, and when he was slated to get 8/6/6mil the next 3 years." While yes, the Flyers were a bit ridiculous with that contract, he's going to try his hardest to get in the same ballpark.

Aren't the Rangers in enough of a financial squeeze as is? We have to move around guys like Asham/Powe/now Biron to make room for Hagelin's return so again, I'm really not understanding why Bryz is even being mentioned when, by the sound of it, Talbot could be a relatively solid backup for 3/4 the price.

Bryz would crack before 3 games from fan/media pressure here. We all laughed at him during his tenure in Philly, a few missed saves in NY and he'd get tarred and feathered during the game.

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