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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Not really, that's assuming the problem is necessarily with the holders when it might not be. You could try it if you really don't want to attempt to get used to the new ones.

Another problem that you'll face down the road if you use old holders/steel is that you'll simply run out of steel, needing new ones and thus forcing you to have to adjust/profile those. So why not just optimize the steel on your RBZs instead of going through so many steps?
Good point... I'm not a fan of swapping holder... plus my Eblade pros on my 11k's are pretty beat up... I plan on using them for pond hockey. So I took my skates to get profiled... I'm curious though... does the profile go away after getting sharpened a few times? I mean, some skate sharpeners have different methods that I'm assuming could affect the profile

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