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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Your basic technique seems more than adequate. At this stage to make a difference you have to study the game to get the small edges.

Study the linesmen/referees. Each has different techniques for dropping the puck. High/low, drop/toss,what each tolerates in the circle, etc.

Study the opposing centers.Handedness matters, you play a RHS differently than a LHS. This includes faceoffs.

Talk with other centers on your team. All centers have tendencies depending on situations. Some will telegraph their strategy some will not. The smart ones will game you.

Study the game situation. Recognize when it is best to scramble a draw, when the objective is to prevent the puck going to a certain player/spot, etc.

Being a LHS, how would you face off differently vs RHS and LHS. I'd bet a large majority of the centers I face are RHS considering where I am playing hockey.

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