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Originally Posted by galvo View Post
Jim's, Pat's, Geno's, Chink's, Steve's... they're all overrated in my opinion.

Steve's is probably the best out of those popular spots, but even so, I'd take a cheesesteak from a pizza joint in the burbs over that **** they sell down in the city. $12 for some greasy, filthy, non-chopped up steak on a ****** roll? No thanks, I'll go to the Steak and Hoagie Factory or the Fresh Works instead.

Chink's is filthy. I went there the last weekend they had the name Chink's and thought that place was super overrated.

Chink's is awesome. Another thing with all these places is it depends who's working the grill. I rarely get a bad steak from Chink's or Steve's tho. They're two different styles to me too. I'll only get american with or without from Chink's...anybody who goes in there asking for whiz isn't getting the real Chink's experience(they didn't start selling whiz until the last few years). At Steve's I will get almost anything American or whiz with or without...sometimes even both cheeses.

Are you really complaining that the meat is not chopped tho? I bet the pieces of meat Steve's are using is better quality then any of the chopped up stuff at your normal neighborhood joint. Chink's is chopped tho. Steak and hoagie factory is OK but not on par with Chink's or Steve's IMO

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